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Solution for Restaurant, Retail Shops & Supermarket

ThriveRetail solutions enable small and mid-size retailers compete over bigger counterparts by moving to a web based solution that is very affordable and robust with features such as reliable POS hardware, multi-store integration, inventory management, customer relationship management, employee management, accounting and business intelligence.

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Simple and beautiful

Say goodbye to ugly, outdated POS systems and enjoy the thrive-retail web interface designed for the modern retailer.

Handling multiple customers

Whether it's for a single retail shop or a large supermarket, you can activate multiple tickets in parallel so you won't keep your customers waiting.

Blazing fast search

Scan products, browse through hierarchical categories or quickly get information about products with fast filtering across all your items.

Integrated Inventory Management

Thrive Retail Point of Sales will facilitate your inventory management

Consolidate all your sales channels in real time: stores, eCommerce, sales teams. Get real time control of the inventory and accurate forecasts to manage procurement's.

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Multiple Payment methods are supported with Thrive Retail platform. They include Cash, Cheques, Debit/Credit cards.

Loyalty Management

Reward your loyal customers with a loyalty program. With Thrive Retail Solution, you can register customers (by email, phone, contact address), find your customers, and assign loyalty points.


Improve your customer relationship with Coupons. You can create/manage/redeem/print coupons with Thrive Retail directly from the interface.

Reporting & Analytics

Manage your stores while on vacation with our custom SMS and Email reports. With the SMS reports, you can get a per-shop or consolidated sales daily report. You can find out the performance of your shop without being there.

With the Email reports, you can get a daily/weekly/monthly consolidated sales report in PDF format.

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Multi Outlet Management

As a business owner, you can monitor sales at your single or multiple stores in real time from anywhere in the world on your web-enabled smartphone, tablet or notebook!

Thrive Retail implement various functionalities to improve your sales. New products, pricing strategies and promotions can be automatically applied to the selected stores.

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